From KSeating to Magnetiq


It all began in 2015.

We were hired by a leading global fashion brand to help them with the presentation of a new collection. In the meetings that followed we realised that this sort of event required complex management across multiple teams and time zones.

The first problem we identified was in organising the seating at a fashion show: the ‘moment of truth’ for any collection launch.

There’s a precise hierarchy from front row to back, and a delicate balance to find between hundreds of key guests (influencers, buyers, celebrities, …).

“Getting it right means the perfect launch. Getting it wrong could be a disaster.”
Matteo, co-founder KSeating

So KSeating was born. We identified a clear problem, and built a simple software solution to solve it: collaborative, online and beautifully designed.

KSeating soon got adopted by many world class fashion brands, who used it to organize their most important shows. We went from a single customer to almost a dozen in less than one year.

Beyond Seating

As our clients’ needs grew so did our service.

From a basic but extremely capable fashion show seating plan generator, we evolved the KSeating software to handle email invites, check-in on mobile, and showroom management.

Now it was possible for our fashion clients to not only control the guest list and the seating, but to actually manage the conversation before and after the show, see how many people were turning up at the event, and collect their feedback on the new range.

Introducing Magnetiq

In the past three years our software has grown. And it’s always had at its heart the goal of helping our clients to make amazing launches.

So over the past six months we’ve been doing a lot of soul searching and we’ve articulated a bold vision for the future. We want to transform the way you launch your creations to the world.

Your next collection deserves to be seen: we want to make sure nothing gets in the way.
So it’s not just about seating: it’s about streamlining every behind-the-scenes element that goes into a successful launch.

From communication with influencers, to event planning, up to showroom and samples management. And that’s just the beginning.

It’s all designed to make things simple. The management, the organization, the teamwork: it should all happen seamlessly letting you focus on creating a launch event that’s compelling and attractive.

That’s why we’re changing our name to Magnetiq.

We’re building software that helps you create a launch that attracts and draws in the right people.

What’s next

For the time being, nothing’s changing but the name: from KSeating to Magnetiq.

We’re not going to rush anything out: we know that your next collection launch means a great deal and that you expect Magnetiq to work 100% of the time.

So, the web address of your account domain will automatically redirect, and you’ll see a new logo. That’s it!

But it’s not just the name that’s changed. We’re busy every day perfecting a piece of software that does everything you need to make your next launch absolutely fantastic.

So stay tuned for what’s to come — and thank you for being part of this journey…

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