Checking In Just Got Better

At Magnetiq we’re constantly working to make your events better.

So we’re proud to announce our newest development, a native iOS app compatible with everything from iPhones and iPad Pros, and created from the ground up with one goal: to help you check guests in seamlessly.

Download it on the app store

Note: only works with a Magnetiq account – Ask for a demo today



We know how important for guest to be checked in quickly and simply at your event. Every second counts. So now you can instantly scan guests by their QR coded invite, or manually enter names in seconds with immediate filter and search results. Even the biggest guest lists load in the blink of an eye, which means less waiting, happier guests and a more seamless event.


A complicated check in leads to issues when you’re hiring temporary staff who might not have a lot of time to learn new software. So our iOS app is designed with simplicity at its heart: anyone can learn to use it in under 3 minutes.


Your event security matters, and the new iOS app can help. Now you can specify access levels for guests and have this communicated directly to the device. In short: the host’s iPad at the VIP entrance already knows if a guest can enter… or not. On top of that, if a guest loses their paper invite, the QR code scanning feature in the new app means all they need to do is pull up their email invite. Better security for you, executed simply and efficiently.

It’s not just physical security that’s important though: we also take your data security seriously. With the new iOS app, data is communicated directly with the device through a secure API. There’s no way for temporary staff to export data and, with a login and password required for access, your information is safe.

More than that, because we’ve built something robust, simple and powerful, you don’t need a paper guest list anymore. Which means you also don’t need the stress of somebody mislaying your paper guest list anymore…

It Just Works

It’s vital that your hosts are able to check in guests rain or shine, with or without a phone signal.

So our new iOS app can be used whether you’ve got 5G, 4G, 3G or nothing at all. The app is built to be extremely stable even with the most complex guest lists.

In short, online or offline: it just works.

We think you’re going to really love this new addition to Magnetiq’s software suite.

Download it on the app store

Note: only works with a Magnetiq account – Ask for a demo today

Matteo and the Magnetiq Team


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