Allow guests to find their seats

At Magnetiq, we're passionate about helping you to run unique launch events. We know that the little details matter in life, and events are no exception. That’s why we’ve developed 'Find Your Seat': so that you can allow your guests to scan a QR code and find their seats. Allow guests to find their seats... Continue Reading →

Future Of Fashion 2022

Magnetiq is rapidly establishing itself as the premier platform for brands that want to launch new collections or products. For that reason, it's no surprise that PR agencies are leveraging it to ensure their most important - and complex - launches are as successful as they deserve.

The perfect pitch for your audience

Having a single pitch to buyers or journalists is certainly easier, but are you missing out on the advantages of personalization? Here's how to create the perfect pitch for your audience Buyers and journalists aren't all interested in the same thing: make sure you hook them with the right message & content. When you're launching... Continue Reading →

Digital Showrooms Come Of Age

What are digital showrooms, how are they changing and should you consider offering one? We've all read the headlines: the promise of Digital Showrooms is huge. Present your collection online, take more orders, get more press coverage. But let's start with the basics: there's nothing better than being in front of a buyer or journalist... Continue Reading →

Fashion show planning: why collaboration is key

At Magnetiq, we work with some of the most successful brands in the world to harness the power of their teams and create amazing launch events. Today we’re focusing on how we’ve helped fashion brands around the globe enhance collaboration to organize successful runway shows. At Magnetiq we're all about working together to pull off... Continue Reading →

Introducing Online Event Registration

This June, global fashion house Saint Laurent came to us with a challenge. Together we developed a custom solution. Now it’s making Magnetiq stronger. A custom event solution The event was the launch of Saint Laurent’s new concept store Rive Droite in Paris, with a series of screenings of Lux Æterna, a 2019 French drama... Continue Reading →

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