Introducing Online Event Registration

This June, global fashion house Saint Laurent came to us with a challenge. Together we developed a custom solution. Now it’s making Magnetiq stronger.

A custom event solution

The event was the launch of Saint Laurent’s new concept store Rive Droite in Paris, with a series of screenings of Lux Æterna, a 2019 French drama film directed by Gaspar Noé.

Members of the public who wanted to attend needed to be able to:

  • sign up
  • choose a screening session
  • select their seat
  • receive via email the ticket to access the show

The experience had to look fantastic, perfectly matching the demanding expectations of the client and the existing aesthetic of the Rive Droite website.

Online Event Registration

We’re always improving Magnetiq to make your events run better, and often this is directly based on your feedback. So when Saint Laurent told us that online guest registration would be a useful feature in Magnetiq, we set to work.

The first step was to build an online registration form.


The second step was to build a system where guests could select their seat on a visual plan that showed which seats were available or taken.

Seating plan management has been a key feature of our software since the very beginning – Magnetiq is one of the best seating applications for events or fashion shows on the market. So this was more of a ‘tweak’ than a ground up build.


The third step was to develop an event ticketing system. Registered guests would receive an email ticket which granted access to the event, much as they do within a normal event in Magnetiq.

Next, there was a fine tuning phase on the design. We worked together with the client’s team to align the behavior and ‘look and feel’ of this new feature.

Finally we went through our usual phase of deep testing before going ‘live’. We know how important stability is when you’re talking to end customers.

Software Making Your Next Event Better

Developing tailor-made features with flexibility and solidity is something we’re really proud of, and it’s an approach that has been appreciated by our clients over the years.

So we’re happy to say the Saint Laurent event turned out to be a great success. An extra level of satisfaction for us was in creating the ideal custom solution to a client’s problem, while upgrading Magnetiq in the process.

The newly developed Online Registration and Ticketing software can now be used as part of Magnetiq’s growing potential, and play a role in making your next event even better.

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