Planning a fashion show: why collaboration is key to success

At Magnetiq, we work with some of the most successful brands in the world to harness the power of their teams and create amazing launch events.

Today we’re focusing on how we’ve helped fashion brands around the globe enhance collaboration to organize successful runway shows.

Magnetiq was created from the ground up as a collaborative tool. The more people you have in the mix, the more powerful it gets: from building a consistent guest list among different teams, to seating allocation that lets you see what your colleagues are doing in real time, up to having multiple stewards simultaneously check-in invitees with our mobile app.

But why is collaboration so crucial to running a successful fashion show?

We’ve put together three bulletproof reasons to have your team to join you in the organization of your next event.

1. Share the load (and responsibilities)

We all know that contact relationships should be shared knowledge. However, what happens instead is that often, information is scattered among different persons (or teams). Also, gathering data from various sources can take a considerable amount of time. So, the best way to go is to involve the right colleagues from the beginning and split guest management activities. Dividing work tasks will help you share the load (and responsibilities), and allow each collaborator to focus on distinct segments of attendees. Maybe one of your colleagues remembers why two guests should sit next to each other (or not be invited at all to the same event). Whatever the case, having more expertise in the process makes for better work.

2. Save time and stress

Having other team members who know your event inside out is invaluable. While you’re dealing with a problem, they can sort out the next one that bubbles up. Also, you can get cross-checks and validation from different perspectives. Moreover, we’ve been working with successful companies long enough to know that a backup (and a backup of your backup) is vital. Making sure your colleagues are always on the same page will enable you to save time and stress (and get better sleep).

3. Get better results

Organizing a fashion show is like a chess game: you have a limited number of moves and squares. So, combining resources and experiences will be essential in defining how to use the available slots most efficiently. Shared decisions across key company levels will guarantee the best possible relationship management, which is the most reliable way to create a successful event and maximize the return on investment.

Magnetiq makes it easier to organize your next fashion show or launch event as it incentives collaboration among multiple users across the whole organization process, allowing you to achieve real-time knowledge exchange and timely decision-making.

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