Why you should know everything about your guests

…why you should share that information with your team, and how Magnetiq makes it easy with smart guest management solutions.

Hosting The Perfect Event

Magnetiq’s web and mobile app is used by business across the world to host all sorts of events, from presentations to in-store events or celebratory dinners. From the biggest to the most modest event, hosting is about taking care of your guests. That’s something even the greats can struggle with…

“A good host is someone who really takes care of everyone, from the food to their daily programme. I can't.”

Christian Louboutin (designer)

Luckily for your guests, you’ve got Magnetiq. And with the introduction of two exciting new guest experience management features, you’re better placed than ever to host the best possible events for your guests.

Introducing: Guest Images

There’s nothing better than being greeted by name without having to even reach for your guest pass. But easy guest management doesn’t happen by accident.

First Magnetiq lets you upload an image for every guest. This photo is exported automatically in PDF guest lists, as well as on our iOS app, meaning that the team managing your event can access photos of the entire guest list in a simple visual format.


This is particularly useful at check-in on our guest management app. The ability of stewards to access photos in advance means that every guest, from celebrities and influencers to guests without any public profile, can receive a VIP’s welcome.

On top of that, simply displayed guest images gives your security a boost. It’s far harder for a guest to transfer a pass to a colleague, or for a lost or stolen pass to be used by somebody for whom it was never intended.

Security meets VIP treatment.

Another New Feature: Guest Notes

Is one of your guests a vegan? Does another require wheelchair access to get to their seat?

Right now you probably know the answer to these questions, but that’s not much use unless it’s communicated to the whole team, from those in charge of seating selection down to stewards helping guests to their position at dinner or a fashion show.

To share this sort of information – or indeed anything you’d want a good host to know – you need a guest management platform like Magnetiq. Now you can simply add a line or two into the Guest Notes section. No shellfish for one guest? No problem. Easy access to a baby-friendly changing area for a guest with their newborn? Just add it to the notes manually or in a bulk Excel import.

contact-notes 3

After you’ve entered the information into the guest notes it will be included whenever they’re added to an event.

As circumstances change, Magnetiq reacts in an instant. So if a guest decides to change their dietary preferences days before an event, just change their details and their personal information will be updated across any and all events that they’re invited to.


It’s a simple feature, but at Magnetiq we believe it’s often the little touches that make the difference.

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