Allow guests to find their seats

At Magnetiq, we’re passionate about helping you to run unique launch events. We know that the little details matter in life, and events are no exception. That’s why we’ve developed ‘Find Your Seat’: so that you can allow your guests to scan a QR code and find their seats.

Allow guests to find their seats with a QR code

There’s nothing better than a seamless transition. From an aperitivo to a fashion show, from a champagne reception to a gala dinner: it matters how your guests navigate your next launch. 

With Find Your Seat from Magnetiq, we’ve created a smoother solution for their journey. Guests become their concierge and can move at their own pace: all they need is a smartphone, and they can discover where they should be sitting in as little as 15 seconds.

Of course, we’d still recommend door staff on hand to help the less tech-savvy guests on your list. Still, for the vast majority this slight upgrade can save precious time and staffing resources, giving a chance to create the best possible launch experience.

How It Works – Bulgari Case Study

In their 2022 flagship event, Eden The Garden Of Wonders, Bulgari put on a spectacular fashion show followed by a gala dinner attended by industry titans such as Anne Hathaway and Carla Bruni.

With high-profile guests moving from one stage of the event to another, Bulgari needed to ensure there was as little friction as possible, and allow guests to find their seats.

Our solution was the ‘Find Your Seat’ feature. Here’s how it works:

1) Guest scans a QR code with their smartphone (nb these codes can be positioned at multiple locations allowing for multiple entry points)

2) They reach a form (customized upon Bulgari’s creative direction) where they can type in their name

3) Their allocated seat appears on the phone, allowing them to enter (and guests can add the ticket to their Apple Wallet).

At the event venue guest can scan a QR code with their smartphone to find their seats

That’s it! Find Your Seat makes transitions between spaces more fluid and helps you create a fantastic launch event.

How do I try Find Your Seat?

If you’re already a Magnetiq customer, you can easily integrate it into your projects. There is a charge per use to activate the service, which you can discuss with your Magnetiq account manager – send us an email at

If you still need to become a Magnetiq customer yet, the first step is to get in touch, and we can set you up with a quick demo and account. Please send us a note at 

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