Future Of Fashion 2022

The Fashion Institute of Technology‘s Future Of Fashion runway show is a New York institution and a rite of passage for up-and-coming designers. Every year the event highlights some of the most exciting new talent, styles, and technologies that will be rocking the industry in the coming months and years.

But combining multiple designers in a single event demands severe planning behind the scenes. For Gale Branding – the New York PR agency responsible for the event – Magnetiq was the right choice to ensure ‘Future Of Fashion’ went off without a hitch.

As guests RSVPd on their digital invite – sent out on the platform – Magnetiq updated their contact details live. As seating plans changed, Magnetiq automatically updated guest data behind the scenes. And as Gale Branding digitally checked guests into the event, the system was kept up to date in real-time, allowing constant oversight on how the show was progressing.

Magnetiq’s support continues after the show is over. One of the most valuable features that Gale Branding leveraged was integrating the guest list and the event check-in. Simply put, they could see who had attended the event and missed out. That meant the PR agency could email to guests who couldn’t make it with a show summary. At the same time, journalists and buyers at the event could get a more pointed follow-up. This automated personalization allows Magnetiq to help clients build long-term solid relationships with the people that matter in their industries.

Magnetiq is rapidly establishing itself as the premier platform for brands that want to launch new collections or products. Therefore, it’s no surprise that PR agencies are leveraging it to ensure their most important – and complex – launches are as successful as they deserve. If you’re facing a similar challenge, let us help you make the most of it.

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